Milford, Michigan

Frank James Fisher is recognized for his graphic design narratives in the ceramic medium. His ceramic art is influenced by the marketing and design principles developed during his career in the Detroit advertising industry. This has brought a diverse range of creative influences into his ceramic process resulting in a unique blend of words and images on his artwork. Frank’s innovative clay construction methods push the limits of complex, ultra-thin clay sculptures. He has evolved a variety of underglaze and glaze application techniques to exaggerate the graphic qualities of his ceramic surfaces, giving them a look of controlled chaos. Frank has authored numerous articles about his methods and philosophy in; Ceramic Art and Perception, Ceramics Technical, Ceramic Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated, Clay Times, and Ceramics Ireland. His work is featured in books, magazines, exhibitions, public collections, and in private collections around the world. Frank lives and maintains a studio in Milford, Michigan, USA.

Images of Work


Slab Hand-building and Wheel-thrown ceramics Paper clay, Porcelain, Terra cotta, Stoneware

Favorite Products

Speedball Underglazes – I prefer the opaque qualities and intense color saturation of Speedball underglazes. Their reliability, predictability, wide color range, and ease of use has become an important part of my art process and expression. The fine milling of their underglazes produces an easy-to-brush pigment. Depending on my brush load, I can apply a thin wash or a thick impasto. Because of the fine, buttery blend of the underglaze, I can use a liquid, uniform underglaze application to smooth an open-pored bisque surface - making the surface satin-smooth after firing. I have used Speedball Underglazes with a brush, a sponge, and a palette knife. I have splattered and freckled the surface with a stiff brush. I have scumbled and wiped underglazes in and out of bisque recesses to reveal surface details. I have transferred patterns and used stencils and friskets with Speedball Underglazes. I use them at greenware and at bisque stages. Speedball Underglazes have never failed me. Their underglazes are reliable and predictable each and every time.