Oakland, CA

Glenn Hernandez is an Artist/Illustrator from the Bay Area.  He currently serves as Art Director at Funomena; a small, independent Game studio based in San Francisco.  During his off time he works on various side projects including but not limited to improving his wood block carving and printing techniques. He is currently writing and illustrating his first two children’s books with Penguin Random house; due to publish Spring and Summer 2019.

Images of Work

Favorite Products

Speedball Water-Soluble Block Printing Inks. I enjoy using these inks in a variety of forms.  I do not limit their use to woodblock printing alone and in fact incorporate them among other mediums like gouache and pen and ink.  I am especially fond of the deep pigmented black of the Water-Soluble Block Printing Ink.  I collect old building blocks and will often dip them in the ink and stamp the shapes on to my abstract compositions as a starting point.  From there, I build the composition using several other mediums.  When used in straight woodblock prints, the water based inks offer deep and rich pigmentation with good absorption into pre-moistened paper. I also use other Speedball products like Bienfang tracing paper to plan out and graphite transfer my designs onto the block.