Taos, New Mexico

Jamie Eastman AKA Maude Forbid

My work is silly, cute, bizarre, beautiful, and highly therapeutic. Art is my most valuable tool to combat the challenges of life and to bond with other people who enjoy celebrating creativity and the importance self-expression. I make fabric and paper goods that are hand printed, affordable, and bring a splash of creativity into everyday life. I especially enjoy selling, gifting, and trading art because I believe that art, like a good meal, is best when shared with others.


Images of Work


Relief Printmaking

Favorite Products

Speedball Speedy Carve

This is my favorite carving surface by far! I know there are some die hard traditional lino fans out there, but for me it’s the pink stuff all the way. You can carve fabulous detail, blocks don’t dry or crack over time, tools stay sharp for longer, and the soft surface makes it ideal for block printing on fabric.