Artist Statement

I am now a 4 decades old artist who’s been creating mindscapes upon paper since the motor skills kicked in & showed me 1 of my biggest passions early on. Originally from Arizona, I have lived all over the place, even Guadalajara, Mexico, seeing all sides of this country & a little bit of outside it. I am currently working as a freelance illustrator, with local projects I am an Art Director for like Indiana Toy & Comic Expo, which is a toy/comicbook show we run once a year in Bloomington,IN. I provide all of the art assets for this show, such as poster, character development & all ages art workshops for the day of the show. We also run a podcast for this show, which I have just started doing art contest giveaways through, like our newest STRANGER THINGS S2 episode, which is out uner ITCE PODCAST [look them up if you dig podasts, I speak sometimes in there too!]. I have a few of my own creator owned/controlled graphic novels in the works, a much overdue DREDLOK & a brand new adventure previewed through my social media which is currently not publically titled just yet [stay tuned]. My biggest passion alongside my art is my family & music, which we all enjoy quite a lot. I want my art to be able to open more doors for me & my family. I want to get to a place where I can help others with my art. Starting with my native roots, I want to start out by helping Indigenous folks from our nation & around the world. At the very least I just hope to inspire those as much as I am inspired by the various artists out there & the folks who have supported me throughout the years. My true fans!

Images of Work


A lot of what I do is with brushpens, but depending on the platform used will determine whether I use mechanical pencil [blue lead] to make thumbnail sketches planning out a piece on acrylic paper [my favorite style for its like canvas] or if working with canvas, freehand brushpen is preferred. Typically I will sketch out what I am about to do with watered down Speedball Super Pigmented Acyrlic Ink [Scarlet Red]. Doing so, leaves a light pinkish sketch to start building harder undiluted RED lines down for the details. Then I will use a Teal india ink to build onto the details, which flush out all the details nicely to where I can start building color if it’s a full color piece. Black & White pieces will be built off of watered down BLACK inks & layered accordingly until I can lay down darker inks until greytones are added. No matter color or b&w pieces, the final layer is always highlights, which I will apply with white gel pen and/or white acrylic inks. I love to use aircans for added spray FX as well.

Favorite Products

Speedball Super Pigmented Acyrlic Ink [Scarlet Red] is by far my favorite & most essential ingredient to my art sauce. I always begin the base of my art with this ink. I LOVE IT!