Skokie, Illinois

Jay Ryan has been making concert posters and other screen prints in the Chicago area since 1995, for many hundreds of bands you’ve probably never heard of. Known for his hand-drawn lettering, concerned mammalian protagonists, and depictions of troublesome furniture and bicycles, Jay has owned and operated his own print shop, confusingly called “The Bird Machine,” since 1999.

Images of Work


Screen Printing

Favorite Products

Speedball Acrylic Screenprinting Inks work best for me. I love the vibrancy, and their willingness to mix gracefully with one another, and exhibit great patience with my ham-handed mixing methods. I use lots of Speedball Transparent Base in my inks and value the way multiple layers of ink sit on top of one another. The Metallic Silver mixes beautifully into most of the colors for a little added sparkle.