Plymouth, Michigan

I grew up in Ypsilanti Michigan hoping to one day draw comic books.  Drawing is the overriding passion of my life.  It is an evolutionary process, you start drawing one way and through dedication and practice you start to refine yourself.  You absorb the art that inspires you and it helps direct you.  I draw for myself and know that I can ever improve.  I think that if you’re entirely satisfied then you will start to dull.  That’s not to say you can’t be satisfied with something you’ve created, you deserve to be proud of the things you create.  You should also think- I will do something better next time.  That moment is what I strive for.  Whether it is in the concept or through the execution, I always want to out do the last thing I was proud of.  I have an entire library of artistic heroes to look up to and to reach towards.  I draw comic books because I am drawn to the stories, characters and worlds I can create.  I live in a small stone cottage with my very patient and loving wife Emily, our two dogs, a cat and a sheep named Mouse Face.  The raccoons got to the chickens and ducks.

Images of Work

d&l Jeremy Bastian


Brush and Ink

Favorite Products

While I do use a brush to ink, the ink I choose is Speedball Superblack India Ink.  It gives me a very smooth sharp line.  I letter my book by hand and when I do that I use a Speedball Hunt 102 Crow Quill nib.  I like to give my book an antique feel, hand lettering with a quill nib makes it feel like it's from the early 19th century.  Like a Napoleonic political cartoon.