Winnipeg, MB

Jeremy was born and raised in Toronto, with a love of illustrating. He was known by his teachers as the one who wouldn’t write his book reports but rather illustrate them. Even in his spare time or at family dinners, his focus was on drawing on paper napkins or on himself to pass time. This love of illustration grew into a part-time gig illustrating children’s books. He took this love and discovered that the pairing of illustration with printmaking was a natural fit. Now based in Winnipeg, his new found love is stamp carving and printmaking.

Artist Statement

I love carving stamps and lino blocks. It’s been a new found form of creating art that has given me absolute joy. My day to day job is mostly digital work in front of a computer, so doing something with my hands that requires my full attention and carefully carving details has been a big part of keeping my life balanced. I opened up my online shop Jer Wat Prints when my wife who is a screenprinter encouraged me to make my prints available for people to add into their homes. I have loved the encouragement I get from people who are excited about bringing my work into their space. The process of making prints and the joy that is brought to those who enjoy them is why I am a printmaker.

Images of Work


Relief Printing
Stamp Carving

Favorite Products

I have loved the Speedy Carve rubber blocks from the day I started carving. The ease of transferring my illustrations on the block and the consistency of retaining details from my carves is why I exclusively choose to use it. I’ve developed muscle memory on carving deep and shallow into the block and it’s such a cathartic experience for me when I’m in the zone.