Selected as a Texas Originals (TXO) Artist by the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Peck is a practicing artist-painter and printmaker for more than 30 years. Born in Texas and growing up in New Mexico. Her works are exhibited in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana and throughout Texas. Her works have been in solo and group exhibits. Peck also curates exhibits. She has been presenting workshops with Akua Inks using the pin press and etching press for the last six years.

Peck studied painting and sculpture at New Mexico State and was introduced to printmaking in Austin, TX at Flat Bed press. I love that original prints can exist in more than one place at once and be shared with a wide audience.

I was introduced to Akua Inks and the pin press in a 2008 workshop led by Julia Ayers and her daughter Gail. After learning that Akua was a non-toxic waterbased ink I started changing my studio over to healthy environment to work in. I also started presenting workshops to share this information. The open time to work makes it great for schools as they can work the plate and shelve it for as many days as they need to complete the print.

Our environment has caused us to have more allergies and asthma in our youth and adults and this was one of the reasons I work with Akua products.

I joined Akua Demo Artist Program because I have been presenting workshops over the past six years using Akua products on my own. I had no backing or title and now Akua has given that to me. Akua has influenced my work in the studio by allowing more working time on a plate. Akua products have inspired me to expand on monotypes. The transparency and layering that I couldn’t get with other products. I am still experimenting with Akua and continue to learn new ways to work with products.

Images of Work