Memphis, TN

Kait is a printmaker and painter located in Memphis, TN. She grew up in Michigan and earned her BFA in printmaking and biology minor from Saginaw Valley State University while being an All-American volleyball student-athlete. Her experiences through athletics, love of movement, nature, being a part of a teams of women her entire young life, and wanting to give back to the women who have supported her, influences her work.

Kait was involved in college athletics for the past nine years before making a career change and focusing on her art full-time. “I realize what a privilege it is to be able to create everyday and to have the encouragement from my family and friends to use my art as an outlet, but also constant exploration of new ideas. It’s definitely been a change, but I didn’t realize how much creating was a part of who I am and I hope others will be inspired and find enjoyment in the images I create.”

She enjoys exploring a variety of themes but mainly focuses on organic, botanical, color, and women. “I like working with different mediums because it just breeds new ideas. So, I expect i’ll be bouncing around a lot. Something that continues to stick with me is the balance between strength and femininity, being bold yet graceful that I think a lot of women are trying to balance today. I’m not sure if that is directly conveyed in my work currently, but it’s always humming in the background.” She started making art everyday in January 2019 and is looking forward to the speedball program to be able to share the joys of printmaking with others!


I am excited to be a part of the Speedball Demo Program because there seems to be a lot of mystery around printmaking, techniques, and what goes into making a print.  This process is something I fell in love with immediately and cannot wait to share that with others.  It also allows me to share more about the benefits of creating art in general and how rewarding it can be as a part of the human experience.  There seems to be somewhat of a revival for handmade goods and making things “special” again and printmaking is a perfect way to reconnect with traditional mediums that also have a modern graphic feel.


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