Chetek, WI

Atypical of most kids, Kayla Bol had the unique opportunity to travel the world throughout her adolescent years and into adulthood, experiencing many different countries and cultures. These experiences have informed Kayla’s approach to exploring pattern, texture, and color.  She attained her BFA from UW-Madison and has exhibited her work in galleries throughout Wisconsin. She now resides as a studio artist in her hometown of Chetek, WI with her husband and new baby.

Artist Statement

Pattern, texture, and color... they are what I notice when I travel, walk through nature, make wardrobe decisions, and especially when I’m making my work. I am fascinated by how these three things can be indicators of geographic location, culture, and individuality. My work is developed through intuition and memory as I make pieces intended to bring joy to people’s daily routines and favorite spaces.

Images of Work


Mold making and porcelain slip casting
Wheel throwing
Hand painting with underglazes and slip trailing applicator

Favorite Products

I started painting on my ceramics in college with Speedball underglazes and found myself coming back to them in my post bachelorette studio practice for multiple reasons. They hold their color from bottle to post firing extremely well. This allows me to paint intuitively without worry of tonal changes. I’m a bit of a color fanatic and I don’t like to be confined to a small palette, these underglazes mix well together, like paints, and the wide range of color options gives me unlimited opportunities for mixing. I also enjoy watering them down to get different opacities on my clay bodies.