Born in Hong Kong, currently living in Helena, Montana

Ling Chun has a drive, a lust and a greed for color. She describes her ceramic forms as “playgrounds for glaze”, and she likes to challenge the rules and roles of ceramics as a material by disassociating the material from its stereotypical or culturally accepted uses. Removing still-hot pieces from the kiln, Ling applies liquid glazes to the surface creating a sizzling sound and a haze of steam until the glaze sticks. Hers is an intuitive process—over multiple firings and layers of glazes, her work is born of the spontaneous dripping, sliding, running, climbing and crawling that occurs. Finally, Ling adds hair to her finished pieces, which she sees as an extension of the glaze and signifies a progression and change in how the material is viewed.

Ling Chun was born in Hong Kong, a society that is built upon a hybrid system of Western and Eastern mores. A foreign exchange program brought her to the US at the age of seventeen. She then earned her BFA in visual communication design and ceramics from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012. She has been an artist in residence at Seward Park Clay Studio in Seattle, Washington, and a summer artist resident at Arquetopia in Puebla, Mexico and c.r.e.t.a.rome in Rome, Italy. Most recently Ling received her MFA in ceramics from the Rhode Island School of Design.

She is now a current long-term resident 2016-18 of Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, Montana, where she continuous her studio practice. Meanwhile, she is the founder of HIDDENFOODPROJECT, a public art project that runs across the country. She is also the owner of VERY AUTHENTIC Artstore.

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Images of Work


Multiple glaze firing

Favorite Products

I love how thick the Speedball Underglaze is, I can easily create texture on to the surface of my clay body by applying and sculpting the surface with Speedball Underglaze. I also love the shin of the Underglaze when fired it at a vitrify temperature of any clay surface. This product really brought up lots of color and texture variation into my hair ceramics sculpture.