Dallas, TX

Artist Statement

Beautiful simplicity, elegance in form, and a good smack in the face with a dose of humor and some profanity.

I get my inspiration from nature, especially human nature, and all my interactions with other people and this wonderful place we call Earth. Sometimes those interactions can leave us feeling not so good, so I like to turn those situations around into something that leaves me feeling a whole heck of a lot better. It’s transferring negative energy into good feeling positive energy. Sometimes that means putting the word fuck on a mug because it’s a beautiful form of release.

I started learning calligraphy and hand-lettering back in 2017, and took a year off making pots to perfect my lettering skills using my iPad, and now it’s coming in quite handy to decorate my pots.

I mainly use the pottery wheel, sometimes with the help of plaster molds and hand-building to create mugs, bird baths, bowls, plates, and tumblers. I decorate mainly with silkscreens to screenprint directly to the clay.  I’ve also been using underglaze transfers for quick and full coverage.



Images of Work


Techniques include surface pattern design, rice paper decals/transfers, screenprinting to clay, stamping and carving into clay.

Favorite Products

I love using Speedball underglaze. The colors are vibrant and easy to work with, and their consistency is perfect for printing onto clay or rice paper!