Miami, FL

Max Guevara was born in Caracas, Venezuela and now lives in Miami. In 2014 he finished his studies as a visual communicator. Apart from being recognized as a graphic designer, artist and illustrator. If anything characterizes this artist, it is the drive for insight leading to achieve the technique applied in their illustrations, described by as “Organic Native”, using diverse materials and spaces for interventions.  Max has been applying emerging techniques based on Aboriginal art, adapted to its simplicity
and compositions with a fetish for marine and fossil,organic figures beings patterns.

Artist Statement

Human beings understand the somewhat overused concept that “inspiration is everywhere”; but I believe artists have the
ability to look further into that notion, just because for us, inspiration is not just an idea, it’s a tangible muse that drives
our every move.  Over the years I’ve worked hard at searching for a unique and personal way to express my thoughts and views of the
world around us. And I think I’ve found it. However, my work isn’t only about what I have to say. It’s also about what the
viewer feels and interprets when faced with my artwork.  When I paint a canvas or intervene a piece, my thought process works to satisfy both the creator and the spectator. I want to expose my own mind, but at the same time I want people to unravel my work for themselves. I want to unleash their imagination and unveil their inner artist.

Images of Work


Indian ink and brush

Favorite Products

Since I started painting, I experimented with many types of inks, always looking for non-toxic paints. After trying many paints, I found [Speedball Super Black] India Ink. This ink is perfect because it works perfectly with my strokes and my type of desigen. The density is perfect.  The intensity of the color and the way the ink feels helps me to finish clean and fast.