Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Michael van Kekem works as an illustrative designer and printmaker. His work consists of imagery within the fields of illustration, graphic design and printmaking. Michael works for various types of clients as well as creating some more personal pieces. His work has a playful and poetic aesthetic, whether it is a logo, a booklet, an editorial illustration or print.

Images of Work


screen printing, linocutting, etching, risography, letterpress and bookbinding

Favorite Products

Speedball Printmaking Paper - ideal surface for linocut prints or even risograph printing!

Also love the three-coloured-mixed pads. Ideal for letterpress printing.

Speedball Block Print inks in various colours. Great to mix to get the perfect tone you need. And easy to use tubes.

Speedball Ink Roller. I was used to using old rollers. I treated myself to a smooth ink roller from Speedball, and I haven’t used the old rollers as much!

Speedball Drawing Fluid + Emulsion. Great to use during workshops, also with kids. Being able to draw on the screen and then print that drawing in a small edition is fun and gives a diverse look at screen printing!