Rockford, IL

Mindy Schumacher is from Rockford, Illinois where she is surrounded by a supportive family of fellow artists, musicians, teachers and autodidacts.

When Mindy studied Philosophy of Art in graduate school, she hadn’t anticipated working as an artist later on. That happened quite by chance.

Having dabbled in reduction linocut printing in college, she sought a way to cross pollinate some of her varied interests, namely, printmaking, pattern making and graphic design into a handmade practice. Seeking to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle and craft her surroundings by hand, she was drawn to the slow, thoughtful and antiquated processes of traditional hand block printing for textiles. It was love. Many of her designs are for handmade clothing, accessories and decor.

Mindy creates thoughtful, eclectic and nostalgic designs and loves to incorporate her fascination with the rhythm of pattern. Some of her favorite studies are botanical and mythological themes.

Artist Statement

What is folly to some can reveal the depths to the Other.

Images of Work


Block Printing for Textiles

Favorite Products

Speedball's Fabric Block Printing Ink is a staple in my studio. It is reliable, versatile and the ideal consistency right out of the tube. I especially appreciate that it is non-toxic and safe for use in home decor and children's items. My goal is to create art for everyday life and this product allows just that.
Speedball Pro Relief Ink in Supergraphic Black is my preferred ink for hand burnishing on paper. It provides incredible coverage and dries quickly.

Having a home studio, safety and ease of clean up without sacrificing quality are paramount. Both of these inks clean easily with soap and water, no fuss. Aligning the right products, methods and materials has been my key to printmaking. For those reasons, I recommend these inks to others every day.