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My formal art studies began at the Rufino Tamayo Plastic Arts Workshop in Oaxaca City while I was an assistant and student of the Lithography studio. In 2006, I enrolled to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in visual arts at”La Escuela de Bellas Artes/ Fine Arts School of Oaxaca where I studied under the guidance of prolific artists Shinzaburo Takeda and Raul Herrera. During this time I completed my education by taking workshops with artists such as Isis Rodriguez, Marietta Bernstorff, Inma Coll and Elvia Esparza. I was also an assistant in the print studios of Artist Demian Flores (Taller Grafica Actual) and Alejandro Santiago (Taller la Huella).

In 2010, I moved to Riverside, California and started getting involved in printmaking projects with a social justice and educational awareness in communities of color throughout California. In 2015, I opened my printmaking studio by collaboration with “The Desert Triangle Print Carpeta” located provisionally in Riverside. In the last few years I was commissioned by the Wignall Contemporary Art Museum to elaborate a permanent mural as well “La Sierra University” inquire me a mural for their Art Department and the City of Riverside commissioned me a mural that will be located in Downtown .

I’ve being traveling through my art work by giving printmaking workshops around the US, in Albuquerque with New Grounds/Remarque Print Shop as printmaker in residence with Horned Toad Printshop, guided by Manuel Guerra, and KALA Art Institute in Berkeley, CA and recently I was included to be apart of the professional artist by Speedball.

My artwork has been exhibited in different group shows between Mexico and the U.S. in public and private institutions as well individually: Rufino Tamayo Worskhop (Mx); Casa de la Ciudad Oaxaca (Max); Museo de Los Pintores Oaxaquenos (Mx); Arte Cocodrilo (Mx); Plan B (Mx); Riverside Art Museum (U.S.); Mission Cultural Center (San Francisco, CA), Museum of Art El Paso(U.S.); The Mexic-Arte Museum (U.S.); Comalito Collective (US); College of the Canyons (US).


I have an interest in learning more about the tools that I use daily to produce my artwork. I also want to share this knowledge with others as collaborating is one of the parts of printmaking I enjoy most outside of the studio work. I like the effort of Speedball to open the doors to printmakers and reach to others ones who are working constantly with their products. All of this combined to make me want to be a part of this project and Speedball’s support for the printmaking.


Tabletop / Open to Public Events*
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Images of Work


Relief Printing

Favorite Products

Speedball Professional Relief Ink's Supergraphic Black: I like the black velvet finish, it is easy to manipulate and is ready to use as soon as you open the can; there’s not wasting parts of the ink or non drying parts inside the can. Also is easy to clean.

Fabric Block Printing Ink: works perfectly if I have to print t-shirts or any other fabric for installations.
The ink that used for my stamps is the professional Supergraphic Black ink.

Unmounted Linoleum: To carve my images, I prefer to used unmounted linoleum, the gray linoleum is the one that I prefer the most, is easy to cut. The tan linoleum I used every once in awhile, if I have to use more detail in my lines.

Arnhem Paper (white, 320 gsm) is my preference for my relief prints. I usually damp the paper in water, and love how crisp the lines look on the paper.