Miami, FL

Peter Santa-Maria is a Miami-based artist and teacher. Working primarily in the process of printmaking, his artwork spans from original designs to pop culture icons. 

He is heavily influenced by traditional imagery from Thailand, American traditional tattoo flash, and his peers.

Images of Work


Wood & Linoleum Block Printing

Favorite Products

I have used many lino cutters and to this day I prefer the small wooden handles with a #2 v gouge and a #5 U-gouge to get everything done! They feel best in my hands and I don’t have to worry if I lose them because they are super inexpensive!

I am currently using Speedball Professional Relief Ink! Aside from the great saturation and detail, the amount of ink I need compared to water-based ink is incredibly small! It is an incredible value and makes the work process so much smoother especially when working in high volume!