Santa Fe, NM

Randall M. Hasson is the co-editor of the 24th (Centennial) Edition of The Speedball Textbook. He is an artist, calligrapher, instructor and speaker who has appeared on the faculty of Arts, Lettering Arts, and Educational Conferences in the United States, Canada and England. He is the author of articles on a variety of Art or Lettering Art related subjects.

He has spoken for the C.S. Lewis Foundation in Oxford England, and has appeared on the faculty of fifteen International Calligraphy conferences as a mainstage presenter and/or teacher with lecture topics covering The History of Speedball and the Show Card industry, Public Art, Art History, the Painting Process, Sacred Art, and the History of Writing including the recent invention of the ADLaM Alphabet which originated in western Africa.

He is the author of a forthcoming history of the Speedball bent-nib pen, the textbook and its inventors, due to be published in 2019.

Hear from Randy in The Calligraphy Podcast or see first-hand how the wonders of his works are created in the video below.  Also be sure to read the brilliant contribution to the Bound & Lettered Magazine pulication, written by Randall and his colleague, Michael Clark.

Images of Work


Lettering and Calligraphy combined with representational artwork, abstract calligraphy.

Favorite Products

My work with Speedball consists mainly of lettering and design with the variety of Speedball pens, inks, Beinfang papers and some metal leaf products. For general lettering and calligraphy I use the C-series (broad edged) nibs, and for replicating lettering of the 1910s, 20s and 30s I use the Speedball bent nib series--A-, B- and D-Series--which are square, round and oval, respectively.