San Marcos, TX

Raised in northwestern New Jersey, Renee LoPresti earned her BFA from Alfred University in 2009. Currently, Renee is a studio artist focusing on functional ceramics as a resident artist at Eye of the Dog Art Center in San Marcos, Texas.

Artist Statement

Ceramics have always provided me with continual exploration of imagery, composition and form in a way that can be painterly, sculptural, and intimate all at once. Through the use of personable and playful imagery, these functional pots are intended to become integrated within the user’s daily life and hopefully provide deeper connections that are unique to each individual.

My wheel-thrown vessels are a simple forms designed for comfort and function. A series of colorful rectilinear blocks and patterns are layered on the surface to create composition. This series of translucent layers creates a visual depth, but also refers to how the human mind can abstractly store memories. Some details fade while others are more prevalent all whilst existing in the same physical space.

Graphic images of everyday objects such as paper airplanes, houses, and chairs are used to remind us of the temporal nature of human existence. Referencing memory and time through layers, I further explore the human condition through the lens of common objects and their relations to one another within the composition.

It is my intention for these pots to encourage personal narratives to emerge that can continue into the conversations of the viewer's everyday life.

Images of Work

Renee LoPresti cups


wheel-thrown vessels decorated with vinyl and paper resists, hand painted layers of speedball underglaze, incising and slip trailing

Favorite Products

I love Speedball Underglazes for their pigmentation, vividness, and great coverage. The colors stay very bright and true even at mid-range temperatures.

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Juror, Material Mugs (Companion Gallery)