New York, NY

Satoco Yamamoto was born in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. BA, Japan Women’s University. Columbia University’s ALP. In 2013, She moved to New York and learned printmaking techniques in continuing education classes at the School of Visual Arts. Instantly, received a prize at printmaking competition “New Impressions” produced by Speedball Art Products in 2015. Her award-winning work (etching titled “Verde Cana”) was displayed at the Southern Graphic Council International Conference in Portland. In 2016 She gained a prize at the Japan Illustrator’s Association International Award. In addition to her artistic activities, she participated in an internship program as an art administration and gallery assistant at the New York-based papermaking institution, Dieu Donné. In exchange for her work as an intern, Dieu Donné continues to provide her with opportunities to use their studios to create her artwork in handmade paper.

These experiences enabled her to understand art business in New York more deeply. At present, her printmaking works are exhibited at a New York-based fine art gallery, The Tolman Collection NY, and are sold at various art fairs held in US, Chicago Antique + Art + Design Show, The Affordable Art Fair, The San Francisco Fine Print Fair and Los Angeles Fine Print Fair such as IFPDA print fair. Now a gallery in Chelsea, Agora promote her as a new generation artist, several her works are on their website ARTmine. Her works are paper-making, printmaking or mixed techniques. For the most part of her life is being an art lover, one of her works is as Director at Japan Illustrator’s Association since 2018.

Artist Statement

I believe my artworks connect people with each other through shared feelings regardless of where they come from. In my work, I depict emotions, tell stories and express common memories that everyone has. Even when using a traditional Japanese style, such as Japanese woodblock, viewers recognize styles of various cultures mixed in my artworks. I love diversity and cross-culture, and always try to express that.
There are three facets of my artwork. The first is "mixed techniques": I am able to choose one or use multiple mediums and techniques combined in one artwork (e.g. printmaking and papermaking) to express something more profoundly and widely understood. Secondly, I draw or paint a picture by using both hands and all fingers; I am right handed in daily life but ambidextrous while drawing. For example, I often use my pinky finger or ring finger like a pen or brush. Thirdly, my printmaking is based on the three-dimensional theory from my studies in design and architecture at the Japan Women's University. The knowledge I obtained from designing 3D models helps me to make theoretically correct designs, even if I am working on an abstract design for printmaking. I blend realism and abstraction.
I hope every viewer of my artwork feels like "Sato's art describes my own experiences and feelings," and that the more people who see my work, the more connections among them are made.

Images of Work



Favorite Products

Arnhem 1618 paper, Speedball Professional Relief Ink, Speedball Soft Rubber Brayer, Speedball Calligraphy Fountain Pen