Pittston, ME

Scott Minzy makes relief prints, artist’s books, and animations that deal with the universal themes of fear, regret, and longing. His past life in public relations and corporate sales has led him to seek a less jaded but more authentic life in the state of his birth. As a result, he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Southern Maine and teaches high school fine art and digital media. When not teaching or in his studio, Scott like s to copy illustrations from old dictionaries, daydream about having super-powers and scour used bookstores feeding his unhealthy obsession with self-help books.  His artwork has been included in the collection of Bowdoin College and Kennesaw State and has been exhibited and screened Internationally.


Artist Statement

My work addresses the universal themes of fear, regret and longing. In my prints these feelings are made manifest with an obsessive network of wiry, anatomical lines, subtle and twisted. I find relief printing the perfect way to depict both our inner turmoil and the outer physicality of the human form at once. Sometimes this might appear on the surface of the skin, take the shape of an organic growth or painfully permanent subtraction.

I am committed to creating an alternate world in which I make a statement about the nature of reality and my own involvement with this reality. To this end, I bring my creations to life using simple animation and in doing so, push the viewer to acknowledge our shared emotions.

Images of Work


Relief Printing

Favorite Products

I use Speedball Fabric Block Printing Inks because of the selection of colors, the easy clean up and the fact that they do not need to be heat set.

I also use Bill Fick's Supergraphic Black [Professional Relief Ink] for many of the same reasons.  Specific to Supergraphic,  the ink is a deep black, buttery smooth, covers well and is great for bigger finely detailed blocks.  In addition,  The key to maximizing studio time is clean up, clean up, clean up.  This ink cleans up with just a few baby wipes and a paper towel.

Upcoming Workshops/Events

Peculiar Postcards 

A crash course in linocuts and card design, just in time for the holidays.

October 6th 10 -2   Waterville Creates, Waterville, Maine