Laurel, MS

Sean Star Wars lives in Laurel, MS with his wife and five young children.  Sean earned his  MFA in Printmaking from Louisiana State University. In addition to making woodcuts for almost thirty years, Sean has been an Adjunct Professor, a janitor and a used car salesman. Sean currently works fulltime as a printmaker  and he makes about a dozen visiting artist appearances a year at many of the nations’ leading art programs.  Sean is a proud member of the legendary Outlaw Printmakers and his work is in numerous public and private collections.   Star Wars’ work can be seen on book covers, album covers, magazines, television programs, films and commercials.  He is currently embarking on his most challenging project ever, a woodcut a week “FOR LIFE”.  Sean drinks more Mountain Dew than anyone who has ever lived and he can beat you at Ms. Pacman.


I’ve been really excited to work with Speedball and to be a part of the Print Posse ever since I saw how closely they worked with my friends  Carlos Hernandez and Bill Fick in formulating new products and how strongly they have supported the printmaking community. Speedball is a great company with a ton of really good people working for them. It’s an honor to be a part of the Print Posse and  I cant wait to see how some of the upcoming products are gonna help everyone enjoy printmaking even more than they already do!!!

Sean’s Limited Edition Posse Relief Printing Ink, “GUIDED BY GREEN”

“I chose the name, ” Guided by Green” as a nod to my all time favorite band, Guided by Voices. I have made hundreds and hundreds of woodcuts, every single one was made with Guided by Voices blaring loudly in the background. The color green was inspired by my lifelong passion for Mountain Dew which has given me the energy to carve all of those woodcuts!”

Images of Work