Berkeley, CA

After completing her 17-minute short film, “My Mother Thought She Was Audrey Hepburn,” Sharon took a Monoprinting class and she was hooked, lined, and sinkered. To make something so exciting in a day (using your hands!) was a THRILL, and she set off on a lifelong pursuit of all things printmaking. After graduating from the California College of the Arts with a B.F.A. in Printmaking, she became an Artist-in-Residence at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley where she is still printing today.  Sock Monkeys, the Numbers 8 & 17, Punctuation Marks, Clouds, Eye Charts, Constellations, Dogs, Cellular Structures and Plants of all Persuasions populate her prints with humor and whimsy. Nothing makes her happier than mixing Extender and Trans Base into inks, overlaying colors, building up textures, and cranking plates through the press.
Lately, she has been making letterpress prints for a collaborative project with the experimental music band Negativland to raise funds for their new record, True False.  Her print, “Truth Dozing In Dotland,” and a letterpressed Thank You certificate (signed by “The Weatherman”) are pre-sale bonuses.


Printmakers are some of the most generous, talented, and passionate people I have ever known. I am beyond Spinal Tap #11 excited to be part of the Speedball Demo
Artist Program. Speedball products have been an integral part of my printmaking practice. I love that Speedball is working so closely with artists to share their knowledge and to empower others to create their own work. I am eager to learn more from Speedball and the other Demo Artist Printmakers. And, I can’t wait to share what I have learned with others and welcome more people into the printmaking community.


Tabletop / Open to Public Events
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Screen Printing

Favorite Products

Speedball Acrylic Screen Printing Inks (Fluorescent and Metallic): Every time I use them, they make me happy. The fluorescent colors are super bright and the metallics are unbelievably sparkly. These inks basically sing “HELLO” from the page.

Speedball Soft Rubber Brayers: Whether rolling up relief blocks, monoprints, stencils, or hard/soft grounds on etching plates, these brayers get the job done in a no nonsense fashion.

Speedball Acrylic Extender Base: I love to overlay colors to create new ones so I use this profusely with all of my inks.

Speedball Mounted Linoleum Blocks: Perfect for carving up and printing on a Vandercook press. Just shy of type high, boost and lock them up, and you are set to print.

Speedball Gel Printing Plates: Super easy-to-use! It is like having a Print Studio on your dining room table. Botanical prints have a photographic quality and many materials found at home (bubblewrap, string, corrugated cardboard) can be used to make beautiful prints. Great for making last-minute cards, too!