Umuiden, Netherlands

Artist Statement

Step into a complex world of infinite threads and connections.  Where all things speak, move, and intersect. Sonja Andela takes you away with pen and ink, and brings you to a border-less state of the unknown.

Empowered by love and wonder, she lives to give the formless form.

Her work touches you. It mirrors you. It falls and wraps around you like a cloak.

The untouchable pattern constantly leaves you behind in a state of confusion.

At first your eyes respond to the image from afar, but the intricacy, the complexity, the pieces and particles capture your inner curiosity.

You want to capture the full, complete image whilst admiring the subtlety and detail at the same time.

It grabs you. You want to look away yet you are drawn further, deeper inside. You will be thrown back and forward between simplicity and complexity, perfection and imperfection and everything and nothing.

Until you suddenly see the eyes of the storm and you can feel everything.

You know once again, that all is finite and complete, because ultimately,

There is only beauty.


There is only beauty

Images of Work


Pen & Ink Illustration

Favorite Products

My favorite products of Speedball are all the dip pens; I use them all in my drawings.