Susan is from Singapore and has been practising and teaching calligraphy for several years. She is adept at both pointed pen and broad edge calligraphy, and particularly enjoys calligraphy in traditional scripts such as Copperplate, Spencerian, Italic, Uncial, Blackletter and more. Her fondness for flourishing on her calligraphy pieces is infectious, as many of her students will attest to. She also enjoys delving into the medieval art of illuminated manuscript, using genuine gold leaf on manuscript gesso for her dimensional art pieces. She frequently combines the medieval art of illumination with calligraphy to create interesting unique pieces.

Susan has travelled the world seeking to learn calligraphy and gilding from some of the best in the world. She has taken in-person gilding and illumination classes with Rosemary Buczek and Patricia Lovett, and is proud to call Toni Watts a mentor.

Susan’s work has been featured in exhibitions as well as publications.

Images of Work


Calligraphy - Copperplate, Spencerian, Italic, Uncial, Gothicized Italic, Fraktur, Italic Variations, Roman
Gilding & Illumination – Skilled in using both a historically accurate manuscript gesso as well as commercially-available sizing mediums

Favorite Products

Speedball Hunt 101, C-Series, Speedball Super Black India Ink, Speedball Arnhem 1618 Paper and Parchment Paper