Houston, TX

Tess Doyle works primarily in printmaking, drawing and mixed media. Inspired by pop culture, personal idols, victims and everyday encounters, she creates an array of figurative and symbol heavy imagery. Her drawings and prints often contain bizarre narratives and pastiche. Tess received her BFA in printmaking from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Along with her studio practice, Tess works as an art educator at a local performing and visual arts high school, and is Press Assistant at Burning Bones Press in Houston, Texas.


Speedball Art Products have been part of my toolkit in creating a visual voice for myself, from setting up a makeshift screen-print studio in my parent’s basement as a youth, to earning a degree in printmaking and joining a larger community of professional printmakers and creatives. I am enthused to work with Speedball to share my knowledge and culture of printmaking with interested learners. Speedball Art Products have always been of quality and provided all the basic tools to getting down to print business. I am delighted to have the opportunity of demonstrating the range of Speedball tools from DIY / alternative printmaking, to quality of products within a professional practice.


Tabletop / Open to Public Events
Lecture Demonstrations

Images of Work


Screen Printing
Relief Printing
A little bit of everything!

Favorite Products

I've always been a fan of the Speedball screen printing inks and modifiers. These products have been easy to mix custom colors, wonderful for printing on range of surface materials, while remaining bold and lasting. These inks are easy to clean up and affordable for school / education settings. Poster Black, fire red and medium yellow are of my top color choices.

As of recently, I've been interested in Akua Carborundum Gel. Collagraph printing offers such a large range of image results, I've been curious to combine the AKUA Carborundum Gel with screenprinting to create my collagraph based imagery.

Speedball brayers and squeegees have always been part of my basic tool kits in printmaking. They are simple, great quality and get the job done.