Central Texas

Charles and John Hancock, also know as “The Amazing Hancock Bros,” are masters of low-tech printmaking and other mixed media printing. The self-proclaimed “les enfants teribles” of the Central Texas art world, the Brothers Amazing are also card-carrying members of the nationally-known “Dirty Printmakers of America” and the Outlaw Printmakers.

Los Hermanos Hancock particularly excel in woodcuts and silkscreen prints, or mixed-media variants of all. They also double-team on mixed-media prints, where genre and identity both blur. Of special note, they use exotic material such as mattress covers, plastic, metal flashing, little mermaid bed sheets, recycled materials or even a good piece of rag paper–whatever is handy to print on.


The Amazing Hancock Brothers are pleased to enter into such a well-esteemed gallery of artists. Unkle Chuk and myself (John) have been making prints for over half our lives, so needless to say we are very dedicated to printmaking. We have been using Speedball products since the Hunt/Speedball days, and only seen them get better and better.  We’ve always liked the accessibility and availability–art materials for the people.

Knowing Carlos Hernandez and working with him over the 30 years has brought us closer to the Speedball fold. Being part of the Print Posse is an honor, to advocate for printmaking, development of new products, art-making and spreading the ink.

THE HANCOCK BROTHERS’ Limited Edition Posse Acrylic Screen Printing Ink, “PECKINPAH MAGENTA”

Images of Work


Screen Printing
Relief Printing