Chicago, IL

TotesFerosh (Josh Epstein) is a Queer artist specializing in printmaking. Using linocut as his key medium, he integrates stylized figures with expressive mixed media backdrops. After mounting his work on wood panel, a hard resin coating stratifies his subjects further by juxtaposing raw and emotional work under a hyper glossy finish.
Drawing from many art movements, his aesthetic is largely influenced by his time living in Japan, pulling elements from classic Japanese woodblock prints to modern anime. Taking from personal experiences, his work aims to amplify voices of the LGBTQ community with images and storytelling from a Queer perspective. He uses his artwork to celebrate his people and culture.
TotesFerosh lives in Chicago with his partner Eddie and 27 adoring houseplants.

Images of Work



Favorite Products

My all time favorite product is the Speedball Professional Relief ink. I used Speedball inks and brayers in all of my linocut work. I find that the Speedball Professional Relief Supergraphic Black ink gives me the most striking contrast for my black and white prints. Colors are vibrant like oil, but cleanup super easily like water-based, which I love. Because the ink rolls on so smoothly, my lino prints always come out sharp and graphic as expected.

Although I typically work larger and print using a press, I often hand print my smaller pieces. For these, I use solely Speedball products for the best results. The combination of the Speedball Speedy-Carve pink soft block and Speedball Printmaking Paper is perfect for hand-printing. The paper is light enough for printing with a Speedball Baren, but thick enough to feel luxurious. For hand-printing, I also sometimes use Speedball Akua soy-based inks. They mix very easily and come out beautifully.

Upcoming Workshops/Events

Voss Gallery, “BASL Juried Exhibition”, San Fransisco (Dec 2)
Elephant Room Gallery, “Annual 12x12 Holiday Show”, Chicago (Dec 4)
Gallery Studio Oh, “Who’s Afraid of Red”, Chicago (Dec 11)