Greenville, SC

I use porcelain and stoneware clays to create functional ceramics that are designed to elevate the moments of interaction between humans, food, drink, and objects. My goal is that through use of handmade objects one can become more aware of the physical, and tangible world around them and how it relates to moments of quiet personal development or community and social growth. To help achieve this I use simple and natural patterns that reflect personal connection the world around me such as celestial bodies and flora motifs.

Images of Work


Wheel Thrown Pottery
Screen Printed Underglaze

Favorite Products

I really enjoy Speedball’s Underglazes. They are perfect for my work because I incorporate a lot of screen printed images on my pots. Speedball’s underglazes are the perfect consistency to screen print with without the need for additional mediums. They are also reliable, vibrant, and affordable.

Upcoming Workshops/Events

Greenville Open Studios- Nov. 13-15, 2020

Indie Craft Parade Mini Market November 21, 2020