Yesha Panchal was born and raised in Gujarat, India, before moving to the United States. She works predominantly in the medium of ceramics to appreciate the propensity of nature that often goes unnoticed. She earned her BFA in ceramics at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. She has exhibited her work nationally and currently, Yesha is an instructor at the Hudgens Center for Art and Learning in Duluth, GA, and works out of her home studio.

Artist Statement

My work calls attention to the beauty of nature that often goes unnoticed, particularly its propensity. Our everyday life is surrounded by petals, stems, plants, and other elements of nature which continuously fuels my inspiration. The geometric forms and peculiar colors in my work portray the coalescence between the structured urban life and the experience of bliss in nature. As one explores the intimate details of my work, I would like to emphasize that I intend to captivate viewers to observe the minute details of all aspects of our surroundings and appreciate the relationship of our co-existence.

Images of Work


Wheel-thrown, hand-build, and slip-cast
Decorated with hand-painted pattern with underglazes and underglaze trailing
Fired at Cone 6

Favorite Products

Speedball underglazes are my favorites when it comes to coverage, vibrancy, and affordability. They are great for multiple decorating techniques such as painting, underglaze trailing, gelli plate printing, and tape resist at greenware and bisqueware stage.

I love the opacity of the application and quick-drying which reduces the wait time in between coats. Underglazes are heavily pigmented so I can water them down and use them like a watercolor. Underglaze patterns do not move during firing which allows me to create sharp lines and blocks of shapes on my work. They stay bright and true to its color during cone 6 firing therefore Speedball underglazes are the majority of my color pallet.