Issaquah, WA

Zack Smith is an artist/printmaker originally from Utah. His online persona is “ahumanboy,” and he is, in fact, a human boy. Before finding his love for printmaking, he worked as a pizza delivery person, a construction worker, a financial analyst, a door-to-door salesman, a guitar instructor, and a high school religion teacher. He has a BS in Finance from Brigham Young University and a Master’s in Art Education from the dusty campus of Texas Tech University. He was the recipient of a print fellowship at Charles Adams Studio Project in Lubbock Texas, where he was responsible for planning and running community print workshops in the processes of screen printing, relief, and letterpress. He now resides just outside of Seattle, primarily using the mediums of screen printing and woodcut to print silly animals, robots, dinosaurs, and other things from his own imagination and dreams, as well as the imagination of his 4 year old son. Some of the more heavily featured animals in his work are: prairie dogs, horses, salmon, and his most recent obsession, slugs. He’s also one of the nicest screw-ups you’ve ever met.


I’m so stoked to be a Speedball Demo Artist! I love slinging ink, making friends, and watching others learn and grow. I’m very excited that Speedball is constructing a space for humans to learn my favorite thing, and that I get to be part of it.


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Screen Printing
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Favorite Products

Speedball’s screen printing inks are the only inks I use. They’re consistent, easy to work with, and mix well. I use their Fabric and Acrylic inks when printing t-shirts, posters, and fine art prints, and when teaching workshops.