As a part of our commitment to the amazingly talented artists that we are proud to serve, Speedball® and Akua® have held exhibitions to showcase the works of a select group of printmakers who have found inspiration in Akua products.  A testament to the innovation, versatility and boundless creative potential found in Akua Inks, our exhibitions have featured an incredible range of artistic techniques, printmaking and beyond.


Then & Now, 2015

"Then and Now," sought to highlight the unique working properties and limitless creative possibilities offered by Akua Inks, and represented artwork and artists from the world of printmaking and beyond. "Then and Now” featured two works from (10) selected artists, one representing their past work and one specifically created for inclusion in this exhibition. Both pieces served to demonstrate the manner in which time, place and materials inspire and shape artists’ works.

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Pushing the Limits, 2014

Pushing The Limits,” marked the first exhibition for Akua Inks and it displayed works that were selected due to their ability to transcend the traditional practices of printmaking. By expanding upon the context in which printmaking is typically viewed, “Pushing The Limits” highlighted the versatile, contemporary print practices and works happening at the time, such as mixed media prints, artists books, digital media, animation and installation.

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