Mona Lisa™ Super Chacopaper Transfer Paper & Graphite Paper

Great for use on fabric, leather, plastic, wood, glass, china and metal, Mona Lisa Super Chacopaper Transfer Paper is available in 17.5”x17.5” sheets in either blue or white. 

Traditional Mona Lisa Graphite Paper is also available in 9”x12” and 18”x24” sizes.

Chacopaper Transfer Paper Blue White

Mona Lisa Double-Ended Stylus

Ideal for embossing and transferring designs, the Mona Lisa Double-Ended Stylus is a great addition for a range of projects.

Double Ended Stylus Out of Packaging

Mona Lisa Omni-Gel™

Omni-Gel is a unique, acrylic, glue-like product that has an incredible versatility, suitable for use as a transfer medium, multi-purpose adhesive or decorative paint or texturizer.  It dries crystal clear for true color reproduction and its acid-free formula provides archival finishes.  Available in 4oz. and 8oz. sizes.