The best thing to happen to relief printing? Woodzilla Presses!

Beautifully made in the Netherlands, these uniquely engineered presses perfectly combine superior craftsmanship and performance at a price that makes them accessible whether you're a seasoned printmaking pro or new to the craft.

Available across (6) sizes, each Woodzilla press is precisely-manufactured from heavy-duty steel and designed to apply uniform pressure without undue work or stress for the artist while still guaranteeing a beautifully-printed result at every reveal.


In addition to all these leading edge features, Woodzilla presses boast the following:

  • Expertly-made to allow for great pressure to be applied without risk of tipping the press
  • Easily mounted to table or workbench with additional stability offered by the anti-skid shoes found at the base of each press -- plus, no scratches on your printing surface
  • Short on space?  No problem!  Each Woodzilla press is crafted to be able to be folded between uses leaving for the ultimate in compact storage
  • The only line with a press ideally-suited for you textile printers -- the A3 Wide Base has a wider frame with enlarged lower plate, perfect for fabric printing
Woodzilla Press A2 Blue - 004291
Woodzilla Press A5 Purple - 004252
Woodzilla Press A5 Yellow - 004255
Mint Woodzilla Press with Stationary Props


If you're not quite ready to make the leap with a press, there's a perfect way to begin enjoying the incomparable style and function only Woodzilla can deliver; simply add a Woodzilla Baren to your ink-filled shelves!

A beautiful addition to any studio, Woodzilla Barens are made from beech wood and provide the utlimate ergonomic hand-printing experience.  If you're a printmaker preferring small format, the flat disc construction is ideal for you.  Alternatively, the spherical-shaped Woodzilla baren features an ever-so-slight curvature at the base, making for ease in moving the baren across a range of papers without risk of damage.

Woodzilla Flat Baren


Select from any of the feature blocks below to see just how easy it can be to print perfect prints using these revolutionary and beautiful presses!

*Artist Credit: Esther Elzinga, Studio Tokek