Learn From The Best Of The Best

Presented by Chinese Penmen Guide and Speedball, Talk to Calligraphers is an interview series with 9 amazing calligraphers on their personal calligraphic journey. In these talks, Jody Meese, Marie Hornback, Harvest Crittenden, Anne-Davnes Elser, Suzanne Cunningham, Kalo Chu, Kestrel Montes, Joe Vitolo, and Michael G Ward will share with us everything about them and calligraphy.

Want to know their favorite ink and paper? What script do they find most challenging? What job would they do if they were not a calligrapher? How do they practice every day? Check out this interview series and learn from the best of the best!

Watch the whole series here: Talk to Calligraphers YouTube Playlist

Harvest Crittenden


Jody Meese


Suzanne Cunningham


Anne-Davnes Elser


Michael Ward


Kalo Chu

Marie Hornback


Kestrel Montes


Joe Vitolo