Utilizing the same historically proven processes specifically catered to each individual nib’s design, Speedball takes painstaking measures to ensure that each of our nibs meets even the most discerning standards.  In addition to the highly-trained team that is responsible for making your Speedball nib, we have a dedicated member of our Speedball family that hand-inspects all nibs, one by one, that passes through production.  That way, our valued artists never have to worry about their writing experience ahead when using a trusted Speedball nib.  Offered in a range of widths and varying degrees of stiffness in order to provide artists the maximum amount of control, Speedball’s Pointed and Crowquill Pen Nibs are made from the finest steel and hand-crafted in the USA.

#22B Extra Fine, #56 Standard School & #99 Drawing Nibs

#22B Extra Fine:  Featuring a bronze finish and medium stiffness, the #22B is suitable for Copperplate and Spencerian scripts, ornamental work and ruling.  

#56 Standard School: Possessing a stiff action, this nib is steady and durable, making it a perfect tool for beginners.  

#99 Drawing: This extremely flexible nib features an extra fine point and is capable of producing thick swells with minimal pressure.  Perfect for artists with a light touch working on smooth papers.

The #22B, #56 and #99 nibs may all be used with either a straight/classic style or oblique penholder.

pen tip
pen 99

#100 Artist & #101 Imperial Artist Nibs

#100 Artist:  Perfect for writing at x-heights of 1/8” or less, this highly flexible and delicate nib is best for use on smooth papers. 

#101 Imperial Artist:  Perfect for use to create Copperplate or Spencerian scripts, the #101 is durable and steady.  Ideal for expert and student scribes alike, the #101 is great for larger scale lettering projects.  

Both the #100 and #101 nibs may be used with either a straight/classic style or oblique penholder.

pen 100
pen 101

#103 Mapping, #104 Drawing, #512 Bowl-Pointed and #513EF Nibs

#103 Mapping:  Specialized for delicate work, the #103 is similar to the #100 in feel and experience, but less fragile.  Perfect for artists with a light touch.

#104 Drawing:  For use to create very fine hairlines and small details, the #104 possesses a superfine point and is ideal for use with the #104 penholder.

#512 Bowl-Pointed:  Fine pen is best for ruling and lettering applications.

#513EF:  This extra-fine pen is ideal for industrial arts.

The #103, #512 and #513 nibs may be used with either a straight/classic style or oblique penholder.

pen 103
pen 104
pen 512
pen 513EF

#102 Crowquill, #107 Hawk and #108 Litho Hawk Quill Nibs

#102 Crowquill:  The #102 is super fine and flexible.

#107 Hawk Quill:  Stiffer than the #102, the #107 features a super fine point and is highly durable.  Best for creating long, even lines and cross-hatching details.  

#108 Litho Hawk Quill:  The #108 is best for use for cross-hatching, flourishing and lithography. 

These nibs are only suitable for use with a crowquill holder.

pen 102
pen 107
pen 108

The Speedball Textbook® offers detailed instruction and inspiration for using these high-quality tools. Click here to learn more about this time-honored resource.