Green Tourmaline is a gloss glaze that manifests a balance of yellows, blues, purples and greens creating a harmonious surface packed with depth. Benefiting from a thicker application, Green Tourmaline will continuously play a complex tune around any surface. A good stir before application will help maximize color variations throughout the finish.


* Results shown are fired at Cone 6 on B-Mix unless otherwise indicated. Speedball Mid-Fire Glazes are certified dinnerware safe when used according to manufacturer’s directions. Independent testing is recommended when multiple colors are used on a singular piece and/or prior to introducing into commerce.

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We have had an incredibly fun time formulating and testing these glazes to provide you with the most accurate performance data. However, results may vary based on individual application methods and firing techniques. We encourage you to create your own test pieces specific to your own practices to create a visual reference highlighting your unique process. We recommend a normal cooling cycle across all colors to ensure consistent results.

Prussian Jade
Basque Green
Champagne Quartz

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