Trusted by some of today’s most well-known and acclaimed ceramic artists, Speedball Underglazes are unmatched in vibrancy and value.

  • Available in 2oz and pint sizes across (36) bright, bold and rich colors
  • All colors have been successfully fired across a broad firing range, Cone 05-10*
  • Suitable for use on greenware or bisque
  • Deliver a softer, velvety finish when left unglazed, and intensifies in richness when covered with a clear glaze*
  • Thicker consistency offers maximum versatility and additional savings




* For best results, use Speedball Clear Earthenware or Stoneware Clear Glaze with Speedball Underglazes.  Speedball recommends making test tiles specific to artist's clay body and firing schedule.


Speedball Underglazes are formulated to be a far thicker, concentrated consistency than competitive brands.  This allows artists the chance to easily adjust using water to the desired workability and extend the amount of product available in every jar, oftentimes doubling or tripling the quantity available and delivering an even more superior value to your studio.  Even better, the bold, eye-catching color of Speedball Underglazes won’t be compromised, no matter how much you thin the product, making for a happy kiln opening and studio budget every time!


This beautiful poster showcases 108 total test tiles, all handmade and fired in Speedball’s lab, and is printed to accurately represent results for all 36 underglaze colors at Cones 05, 6 and 10 both with and without the use of the appropriate Speedball clear glaze.  (17.875″x 23.875″)


Don’t just take our word for it! See Mid-Fire Glazes in action from some of our favorite artist partners and be sure to follow @speedball_ceramics on Instagram for more tips and tricks.