The new Speedball Mid-Fire Glazes are an artist-led project developed in partnership with ceramic artist, Nancy Sowder, highlighting how artists shape Speedball’s development! This line consists of 30 glazes that create magical mottling and reduction like effects fired at Cone 5/6. Get eye-catching results when using each glaze on their own, or try layering colors for even more unique variation!


Available Colors

We have had an incredibly fun time formulating and testing these glazes to provide you with the most accurate performance data. However, results may vary based on individual application methods and firing techniques. We encourage you to create your own test pieces specific to your own practices to create a visual reference highlighting your unique process. We recommend a normal cooling cycle across all colors to ensure consistent results.

*All colors shown below are fired on Laguna B-Mix at Cone 6

Dragon Stone
Sea Glass
Prussian Jade
Teal Agate
Blue Topaz
Basque Green
Storied Sage
Blue Tiger's Eye
Blue Moss
Variegated Lapis
Lavender Mist
Ethereal Blue
Champagne Quartz
Green Tourmaline
Raspberry Fizz
Living Coral
Orange Creamsicle
Blushing White
Gossamer Drift
Midnight Plum
Night Shade
Blackened Copper

Get Inspired

Don’t just take our word for it! See Mid-Fire Glazes in action from some of our favorite artist partners and be sure to follow @speedball_ceramics on Instagram for more tips and tricks.

Where to Buy

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