Professional-grade doesn’t always have to come at a premium price.  At Speedball, we’re proud to offer the finest manufacturing at a value, so artists like you don’t have to sacrifice quality or your budget.

Pro Screen Printing Tools Group
  • Aluminum Frames

    Each piece of Speedball’s Aluminum Frames is hand cut, welded for a water-tight seal and ground smooth for flawless edges. Combining the highest-grade aluminum with precisely-woven mesh that is pneumatically-stretched to industry standard tensions, Speedball Aluminum Frames are strong, reliable and highly durable. Available in select sizes ranging from 20”x24”* to 25"x36"* in 110, 155, 230, and 305 mesh counts. Fabric also available in rolls. Perfect for use with Speedball Hinge Clamps for projects requiring printing registration and can be easily cleaned and/or degreased with Speedball’s Speed Clean.
    *Measurements listed are outer dimensions.


  • Scoop Coaters

    Extruded from T6 aluminum, Speedball Scoop Coaters feature dual-sided edges and glued, injection-molded end caps. Available in four sizes ranging from 11” to 20”, each Scoop Coater possesses a full snap-on dust shield to prevent particulates from mixing in with emulsion. With a solid holding depth, Speedball Scoop Coaters are also built to accommodate lengthy coating sessions, and their flat bases allows for easy storage between coating sessions.

  • Squeegee Rack

    Made from zinc-plated, laser-cut steel, Speedball’s Squeegee Rack is a must-have for any printmaker’s studio. Includes all the hardware needed to add this perfect storage solution to your workspace.

  • Block Out Tape

    Speedball Block Out Tape is a self-wound polyethylene film tape that is coated with an aggressive water-based adhesive that resists inks, solvents and can withstand multiple pressure wash/solvent baths. Speedball Block Out Tape is easy to apply and can be removed easily and cleanly from frames and mesh, with no adhesive residue. Available in 2”x36yds.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I restretch/replace the mesh on my Speedball Aluminum Frame? Yes! While Speedball does not offer restretching services, there are a number or retailers and printshops that can assist you with this.
    2. How long will the mesh in my Speedball Aluminum Frame last? The longevity of mesh can be impacted by a number of variables including the number of prints pulled, type of ink used, the quality of care taken between uses (i.e. cleaning, degreasing, etc.). Speedball Aluminum Frames use high quality mesh that is carefully stretched and glued across each frame, without infringing on the perimeter of the frame. This process greatly minimizes the chance of tearing. Under normal use and with proper care, Speedball Aluminum Frames should last hundreds of prints.
    3. Why is the higher count mesh yellow? Yellow screen mesh allows for more direct light to reach desired areas while keeping light from bouncing off into undesired sections, maintaining the highest level of integrity for your image. This is especially important for images possessing very high levels of detail.
    4. Can the ends of my Speedball Scoop Coater be removed? No. The Speedball Scoop Coater’s ends are glued in place to prevent them from coming loose during the coating process. Using a stiff bristle brush during cleaning will allow all of the photo emulsion to be easily removed from the coater after coating.
    5. Why are there two different edges on my Speedball Scoop Coater? The Speedball Scoop Coater’s sharp edge is ideal for use when coating screens with higher mesh counts as it allows for a nice, thin coat of emulsion. The rounded edge is best for use with lower mesh count screens as it deposits more emulsion on the screen, ensuring complete coverage.