“ELEMENTAL” Contest + Exhibition

We are pleased to showcase the selected prints from our recent call for entries for the 1st annual co-hosted exhibition and competition, "Elemental," in partnership between Speedball Art and Iredell Arts Council. The theme sprung from the desire to inspire and appeal to all artists across the diverse technical backgrounds that are found within our Speedball communities, and yet still be tied to a powerful and unifying framework.

"Elemental," speaks to the basic and foundational pieces that make up that which is most important to you, your work, or our world. We invite you to explore the full meaning and great potential found within this simple word and examine how best to represent what "Elemental" forces resonate most powerfully with you.

Please join us for the opening reception hosted by Iredell Arts Council September 12th, 2022 from 5:30pmEST-7:30pmEST.  This wonderful exhibition will run at the gallery from September 13th-September 30th, 2022.  If you are not in the North Carolina area, please enjoy the "Elemental" digital gallery below and learn more about our incredible professional artists who offered their time and effort as jurors for this fantastic exhibition.  Winners will be announced on Instagram by September 30th!


Meet The Jurors

Zeb Love

Zeb Love is a from small cornfield town in Illinois. In 2009 he moved out to the city of Pittsburgh. Since making his first screenprint in his living room a year later, Zeb got incredibly interested in the medium. After many years of figuring out the process, he has made gigposters for national touring acts such as Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Avett Brothers, Dead & Co and many more.

Nina Tran

Nina Tran is a single mom to 3 wonderful children — Miles, Emily, and Alyson.  When she is not doing calligraphy, she enjoys reading, journaling, and bookbinding.

Aftyn Shah

Aftyn Shah is a printmaker and painter living outside Philadelphia with her family. Much of her work focuses on the majesty of the Great Outdoors, from nature’s tiny elegant details to the grand sweeping landscapes that take our breath away. She works from her sunny home studio, and the rhythm of her art practice is influenced by two young sons and by her adventures outside.

Iredell Arts Council

Founded in 1972 by the late Mr. James Walker, the Iredell Arts Council is a non-profit arts organization serving the residents, artists and arts organizations of Iredell County, NC.  The organization serves as an extension of the NC Arts Council as their Designated County Partner for Iredell County; funded through individual and corporate donations, grants and the NC Arts Council's Grassroots Arts program.



  • 1ST PRIZE: $1000 Speedball Product Credit
  • 2ND PRIZE: $500 Speedball Product Credit


  • 1ST PRIZE: $1000 Speedball Product Credit


  • $250 Speedball Product Credit will be awarded to the artist with the best process video showcasing their artwork's creation tagging @speedball_art and/or @speedball_calligraphy and using hashtags #speedballelemental and #iamelemental.

Product Credit will be good for anything in the Speedball product portfolio, including Speedball, Akua, Arnhem 1618, or Woodzilla products (at manufacturer's suggested retail prices.)