At Speedball, we take great pride in being your one-stop-shop for block printing.  In addition to our high-quality inks, you’ll find that Speedball has all of the tools your studio or classroom needs for your next relief print project.  Select from the drop down menu below to learn more about the surfaces and tools that round out our incredible block printing offering.

Speedy-Carve Rainbow Stamp mounted with Prints
  • Linoleum Blocks

    Speedball Linoleum Blocks: This superior quality linoleum offers a fine, flat surface that will reproduce sharp and clear artwork without gaps or hollows. Speedball Linoleum provides a cutting depth of 1/8" and is suitable for use with any water-soluble or oil-based relief ink. Available in mounted blocks or unmounted pre-cut pieces.


    Red Baron™ Linoleum Blocks: Traditional “Battleship Gray” linoleum allows artists to create finely-detailed registration and color prints. The surface is 1/8" thick and is suitable for printing with any water-soluble or oil-based relief ink. Available in mounted block, unmounted pre-cut pieces or rolls.

  • Soft Cut Blocks

    Speedy-Cut™ Blocks: Ideal for any setting where young students or beginners are learning the art of block printing, Speedball’s Speedy-Cut™ Blocks are made from a soft rubber that is easy to carve. Available in three sizes, this economical alternative to traditional linoleum blocks is suitable for use with water-soluble block printing inks only.

    Speedy-Cut Easy™ Blocks:  Manufactured from a blue, eraser-like material, Speedball's Speedy-Cut EasyBlocks make for easier carving than traditional linoleum blocks and are great for printmakers of beginner to intermediate skill levels.  These blocks are durable, resisting flaking, cracking and crumbling. Available in four sizes, Speedball’s Speedy-Cut Easy Blocks are suitable for use with water-soluble printing inks only.

    Speedy-Carve™ Blocks: Created from a revolutionary material, Speedball Speedy-Carve™ Blocks provide you with a nearly effortless carving experience without having to sacrifice the fine detail usually associated with traditional linoleum block designs. Available in five sizes and great for use with either water-soluble or oil-based block printing inks, these blocks are the perfect fit for novice and expert relief printers alike!

  • Lino Cutters

    Lino Cutters:  Crafted from high-quality steel, Speedball Linoleum cutters are hand-ground with edges that are ideal for carving into soft or linoleum blocks.  Available in six styles, Speedball Linoleum Cutters provide precision and consistency, regardless of the level of detail desired.  Manufactured specifically for use with Speedball Lino Handles.

    Lino Handles:  Combining comfort, control and convenience, Speedball’s Lino Handles are made from a hard plastic and contain a removable end for storage of Lino Cutters. Available in four bold colors, Speedball Lino Handles also have a hand-adjustable metal chuck that make removing and replacing cutters a breeze!

    Linozip® Safety Cutters:  Uniquely designed to reduce the risk of cutting injuries in younger block printers, Speedball Linozip Safety Cutters are perfect for the classroom.  Hand-ground edges perform ideally on soft block surfaces, but are also suitable for use with traditional linoleum blocks.  Available in four styles, the Speedball Linozip is a great match for teaching any beginner!

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    1. With what ink types (water-, oil-based, etc.) can Speedball linoleum surfaces be used?  Speedball’s Linoleum Blocks (mounted and unmounted variations)  can be used with any water-soluble or oil-based block/relief printing ink.
    2. With what ink types (water-, oil-based, etc.) can Speedball soft block surfaces be used?  Speedball’s Speedy-Carve™ can be used with and water-soluble or oil-based block/relief printing ink.  Speedball’s Speedy-Cut™ and Speedy Cut-Easy™ are only suitable for use with water-soluble block printing inks.
    3. Does Speedy-Carve™ contain latex?  No, Speedball’s Speedy-Carve™ does not contain latex.  Both Speedy-Cut™ and Speedy-Cut Easy do  contain latex.
    4. Can Speedy-Carve™ be used with a laser cutter?  Since Speedy-Carve™ contains PVC, it is not recommended for use with laser cutters.