At Speedball, we take great pride in being your one-stop-shop for block printing.  In addition to our brayers, cutters and carving surfaces, you’ll find that Speedball has the rest of the tools your studio or classroom needs for your next relief print project.  Select from the drop down menu below to learn more.

  • Bench Hook/Inking Plate

    Made from a highly durable metal, this multi-purpose tool is a great addition to the studio or classroom.  Featuring a design that allows the plate to be easily placed over the edge of a desk or table, the Speedball Inking Plate/Bench Hook makes for easy ink rollout and cleanup, or easier, more controlled carving.


  • Barens

    Speedball’s Red Baron™ Baren is ideal for beginner artists and great for use in block printing, scrapbooking and card-crafting projects.  Made from a durable plastic, the Red Baron Baren is built to last against the wear and tear of the classroom.

    Need a more premium experience?  Then the Speedball Baren is made for you!  Featuring a resilient, nylon base that offers a nearly friction-free printing experience, the Speedball Baren is made to ensure you have even and consistent printing results every time.


  • Presses

    For smaller block printing projects, the Speedball Model B Press possesses an all-steel construction and is excellent for relief printing projects up to 6”x8” in size.  This lightweight (6lbs) press is great for use with both linoleum and soft block surfaces and has two height adjustments.