At Speedball, we take great pride in being your one-stop-shop for block printing.  Speedball's line of brayers pairs superior quality and value price, ensuring you won't have to break the bank to achieve the results your art demands.

Select from the drop down options below to learn more about each of our brayer product lines.

Speedy-Carve Rainbow Stamp with Notebooks
  • Soft Rubber Brayers

    Made from soft, natural latex gum rubber with a precision-ground finish, Speedball Soft Rubber Brayers are ideal for use with linoleum, soft block, or woodcut.  The heavy-duty steel frame provides enhanced durability, and the flexibility of the 40/42 durometer ensures for even ink distribution.  Available in seven sizes, ranging from 1.5” to 6” these brayers work best with water-soluble or oil-based printing inks.

  • Hard Rubber Brayers

    Featuring a synthetic, 80 durometer rubber, the Speedball's Deluxe Hard Rubber Brayer is ideal for use with water-washable, oil-based inks like Speedball Fabric Block Printing Ink.  Also availble in a craft version perfect for use with any gluing application or paper-crafting project.  Available in a 4” size, both types of hard rubber feature an ergonomic, comfort-grip, plastic handle.

  • Pop-In™ Brayers

    Providing the utmost in flexibility, rollers can be changed quickly and easily in order to suit your project’s needs.  Use Speedball’s Foam Roller for adding suede, stippled, or splattered texture effects to a design.  Creating a block print?  Then grab our Speedball Hard Rubber Roller for light carving applications or our Soft Rubber Roller for any linoleum, soft block or woodcut project.  In a sticky situation (with glue, that is)?  Our Acrylic Brayers are the perfect tool for working with a broad range of adhesives.  All rollers available in 4” size.  Also available in the Speedball Pop-In Brayer Kit that features the complete line of interchangeable rollers along with the 4” Brayer.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    My Soft Rubber Brayer has gotten sticky.  What can I do?  Good news!  A sticky brayer isn’t rendered unusable.  Simply roll your brayer through a light amount of corn starch or talc powder between uses.  You do not need to rinse the brayers after the corn starch or powder has been applied as it will not impact the ink’s performance in future uses. 

  • Speedball Brayers Literature Downloads

    For SDS information, please visit SDS/MSDS Information.