Invented by acclaimed printmaker Alex Carmona, The Speedball® Spinback™ is a truly innovative solution and an absolute must-have for any relief printer’s studio. Masterfully designed, this one-of-a-kind tool allows printmakers to carve without the risk of accidental slips and alleviates the pain and pressure often experienced in relief printers' hands, elbows and wrists. (22” x 22” x 2.625”)


With a seamless 360˚ rotation, Spinback allows you to quickly and easily rotate your block to carve in any direction whether using wood or linoleum blocks from 1.25” x 2” to 14.8” x 14.8”.  NOTE:  Spinback can accommodate blocks of larger dimensions than those noted, however, full 360˚ rotation is not possible if exceeding the recommended footprint.


Spinback’s robust design (22” x 22” x 2.625”), non-slip backing and integrated clamping system guarantee your block won’t accidentally shift during carving. This extra stability lets both hands become a part of the carving process, allowing you to dial up the detail and intricacy of your prints, no matter your experience level.


The smooth and quick transitions offered by Spinback will allow you to carve in a whole new way! Each of the ergonomic features is designed with you and your process in mind to help you avoid accidental cuts while minimizing the wear and tear on joints — perfect for extending the life of any carving career!

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The Spinback was a true passion project for Alex. Hear why and how he was able to transform his initial concept into a leading printmaking innovation in partnership with Speedball.

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Spend some time in the studio with Alex to see just how easy it is for the Spinback to take your carving to the next level!


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