Celebrating 105 Years

First published in 1915 by Ross F. George, The Speedball Textbook is the superlative resource for artists and letterers of all ages and skill levels.  A celebration of the 105th year anniversary of the first edition’s debut, the 25th edition of The Speedball Textbook represents the vision of new co-editors Suzanne Cunningham,  Carl Rohrs & Sachin Shah and boasts a diversity of technique and instruction unmatched in quality, including over 25 pages of enhanced pointed pen content!

Showcased in a convenient lay-flat construction, the 25th edition of The Speedball Textbook features 120-pages of exemplars, contributors' works  and innovative technical insight that is sure to inspire and appeal to scribes and enthusiasts across the spectrum of skill and experience.  A true must-have for anyone from calligraphy aficionado to master penman!

Meet our Co-Editors

Speedball has had the supreme fortune to partner with three of today's most pre-eminent and well-respected calligraphers on the development of the 25th edition of The Speedball Textbook.  Select from any of the three feature spaces below to learn more about each of this edition's incredible co-editors.


Meet our Contributing Artists

In addition to the three celebrated co-editors heading up this project, The Speedball Textbook also showcases the works of over 75 other world-class calligraphers.  Learn more about a selection of these renowned artists by choosing any of the feature listings below.