Speedball Demo Artist Program Overview

The Speedball Demo Artist Program features a group of (25) independent printmakers who possess a strong familiarity with the fundamentals of screen / relief printing and who also have a talent and passion for the education of the techniques for individuals and groups of a broad range of printmaking experience levels.

Artists selected to represent Speedball in this program will be contacted to conduct interactive demonstrations in retail and educational settings within their geographic territory to showcase Speedball printmaking inks, tools and accessories to instruct attendees on the processes and Speedball products particular to screen or relief printing.  The three primary forms of demonstration opportunity are defined as the following:

  1. Tabletop (i.e. open to public event, no pre-registration or fee for attendees; basic make-and-take format; typically 1-2 hour minimum commitment, not including time for setup/teardown)
  2. Lecture Demo (i.e. pre-registration with nominal fee for attendees; limited hands-on experience for attendees; typically 2-2.5 hour minimum commitment, not including time for setup/teardown)
  3. Workshop (i.e. pre-registration with fee for attendees; materials and hands-on experience provided for registrants; typically 3-6 hour minimum commitment, not including time for setup/teardown)



    Speedball Demo Artists receive a wide array of benefits from program participation.  They include but are not limited to, the following:

    • Identification of demonstration opportunities in the Demo Artist’s region resulting from Speedball outreach.
    • Compensation (day rate) for each event which will be commensurate with experience and duration of demonstration
    • Speedball Demonstration Kit (containing selection of most popular/commonly-used tools specific to printmaking processes)
    • Speedball Purchase Credit in the amount of $500/year
    • Marketing support (e.g. social/digital media posts to all Speedball platforms, etc.) will also be provided for each artist workshop
    • Presence on Speedball website featuring artist’s portfolio and bio
    • Full artist feature in Program literature distributed to Speedball Sales Representatives for use to identify and coordinate Speedball demonstrations in your area

    Eligibility Requirements
    To be considered for the Speedball Demo Artist Program, artists must possess backgrounds including but not limited to, the following:

    • At least 2-5 years of previous printmaking experience, including BFA completion and/equivalent studio experience
    • At least 1-year experience specific to creating artwork utilizing Speedball inks, tools and accessories
    • All applicants should include at least 3-5 images from current portfolio to demonstrate their proficiency in the corresponding printmaking technique
    • Speedball Demo Program Artists will be expected to serve as Speedball Brand Ambassadors while affiliated with the Program.  As such, Speedball respectfully requests that all participants refrain from the promotion of competitive brands within the screen and relief printing market on all artist digital media platforms during their time as a Speedball Demo Artist.

    In addition to the requirements listed above, Speedball Demo Artists should also possess the following traits:

    • Flexibility: The Speedball Demo Artist Program is still in its infancy and will naturally evolve over time as a result. In addition, demonstration opportunities will be presented as they are requested and approved.  As such, Speedball is unable to predict or guarantee the volume or frequency with which an artist will be contacted to demonstrate.
    • Mobility: Artists must have access to reliable transportation.
    • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Artist should possess an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out opportunities, innovation and new value.
    • Dynamic and enthusiastic presentation abilities
    • A passion for teaching / instruction
    • Patient and personable nature


    The application window for the initial call for the Speedball Demo Artist Program is now closed.

    Check back in the months ahead as we may be searching for additional artists in your region again soon!